The secret of Eyck

What on earth is wrong with grandpa Darius? He started a fire at company Gentopia, why? And why did he neglect his campsite while a stranger is interested in buying it? Why is his neighbor, farmer Kiet, suddenly acting so strange? And what secrets does the forest hide? 

In the thrilling series 'The secret of Eyck' we slowly discover the truth. Tim (15), Lotte (13) and Floor (8) set out to investigate these questions in and around their grandpa’s campsite. Their research brings them to Gentopia, a company built at the rim of the forest which is specialized in genetic engineering. The company’s director Mrs. Cleo de Koning says her aim is to feed the world with her super corn. But this noble cause seems to be covering up much more dangerous experiments.

The children need to go all out to stop Cleo and to save the ancient forest and its animals. But not only the forest is in danger, the whole world is.


The secret of Eyck was broadcast in the Netherlands in the autumn of 2015 by Z@PP.

Producers: Ingmar Menning and Jan-Albert de Weerd
Directors: Jan-Albert de Weerd and Ron Termaat
Screenwriters: Anjali Taneja, Liesbeth Strik, Simone Duwel, Jasper Beerthuis, Eline Cordie, Merle Claus, Pasja van Dam and Gerben Hetebrij