Reasonable Doubt

“Come look, but look carefully. You don’t see what you see".

It happens more often than we think. Someone innocent is imprisoned because mistakes were made during the investigation or in court proceedings.

Therefore, Professor of Legal Psychology Peter van Koppen, previously set up the Reasonable Doubt project, in which he takes a closer look at old criminal cases with students of the Faculty of Law. Van Koppen came up with the idea that it might be interesting to make an exciting television series about this. In collaboration with Bing Film & TV and eleven regional networks, the plan was made to make a regional crime series: a national series whereby each episode, and therefore each case, takes place in a different province. A professor who sends his students into the field to talk to suspects and witnesses, and to research at the crime scene, turned out to be a fantastic departure point for this exiting crime series, particularly when the personalities of the students clash. They work together, but also with the professor who applies the strict rules of science, no matter how exciting the murder cases are. All cases in the series Reasonable Doubt are based on true stories and the corresponding investigation and research.


Reasonable Doubt was broadcast in the Netherlands in the fall of 2012 by 11 public regional broadcasters.
In August 2013, the drama series was broadcast by Dutch broadcaster Max.

Producers: Ingmar Menning, Jan-Albert de Weerd
Directors: Adrienne Wurpel, Hans Scheepmaker, Diede in 't Veld
Screenwriters: Dick van den Heuvel, Thijs Gilbert, Stan Lapinski, Lars Boom