Mystery Island

In this exciting children’s series, a family gets stuck on a deserted Island in the Wadden Sea. The island holds a large secret which is damaging to nature. However hard the six children and their parents try, they can’t get off the island. They will have to survive in nature. But it turns out the island isn’t as uninhabited as they think it is.

Mystery Island is a daily drama series, 50 episodes of 10 minutes.


Mystery Island was broadcast in the Netherlands in the fall of 2014 by Z@PP.

Producers: Ingmar Menning, Jan-Albert de Weerd
Directors: Jan-Albert de Weerd, Harald van Eck
Screenwriters: Esther Wouda, Sabine van den Eynden, Simone Duwel, Eva Aben
Photo: Marleen Kuipers