Malaika is a daily drama series about young people who work in healthcare. These ordinary people want to do good, as they believe that every person is entitled to a dignified life. Romance, drama, emotions, suspense, and humor alternate each other in captivating stories in which the caregivers and their clients play the leading role.

The soap is a collaboration between commercial broadcaster RTL 5 and various healthcare organizations. It sketches, as much as possible, a true picture of the actual circumstances in the healthcare sector. Malaika is not only a gripping series which captivates the viewer on a daily basis, but also has the goal to make young people enthusiastic about working in healthcare.


Malaika was broadcast in the Netherlands in the spring of 2013 by RTL5.

Producers: Ingmar Menning, Jan-Albert de Weerd
Directors: Jan-Albert de Weerd, Hans Scheepmaker, Ruud Schuurman
Screenwriters: Sabine van den Eynden, Jetske Vulsma, Pauline van Mantgem