Loving Ibiza, the series

A vacation every week, who wouldn’t want that? In Loving Ibiza, the series we follow the lives of various people who live on Ibiza. We see how they live on a beautiful island where the sun always shines and temptations lure behind every corner. In the end, everything always ends well. Because this is Ibiza.

Loving Ibiza, the series is cheerful, feel good, with a wink to the party and celebrity-culture that Ibiza is known for. Successful DJ's, singers, and soccer players dance, drink and fall in love with ordinary waitresses, housewives who are on vacation, and gold-diggers who turn out to have a heart of gold. Hippies enjoy a beer with millionaires and practice yoga together on the beach while searching for their spiritual foundation. Fortunately, a few people have not yet forgotten their Dutch level-headedness and occasionally give everyone a push towards sanity.

The series is based on and named after the successful movie by Johan Nijenhuis.


Loving Ibiza, the series was broadcast in the Netherlands in the fall of 2013 by SBS6.

Producers: Ingmar Menning, Johan Nijenhuis
Directors: Ruud Schuurman, Anne de Clercq
Screenwriters: Annelouise Verboon, Sabine van den Eynden