Lost in the Game tracks the exciting adventures of eight children who are attending a summer survival camp. On first appearances, it is nothing more than that: an exciting camp which includes sleeping in tents, bonfires and challenges in the forest. But when various children have left the camp, the remaining kids start wondering if they truly left or – perhaps – disappeared? The children start an investigation and discover the strangest things. It turns out there a creepy man lives in the abandoned mansion, and it seems there might be a connection between him and the camp counselors Evi and Simon? But when confronted, they are clearly lying. Why? Why aren’t the kids allowed to leave the premises? And why are they unable to contact the outside world? But most of all they wonder: where did the other kids go?
Along with our heroes, we gradually unravel that their vanished friends find themselves stuck in a world of gaming and Virtual Reality. And thus they are lost in the game.


Lost in the Game was broadcast in the Netherlands in the autumn of 2016 by Z@PP.

Producers: Ingmar Menning en Jan-Albert de Weerd
Directors: Jan-Albert de Weerd, Ruud Schuurman en Aram van de Rest
Screenwriters: Liesbeth Strik, Pasja van Dam en Gerben Hetebrij