Lice Mother 2

Lice Mother plays out in one of the most familiar arenas in the Netherlands: the absurd world of primary school. An exceptional mini-society with its own playground rules, parking management, goodbye-etiquette, loitering parents, parent-teacher evenings, responsible birthday treats, class group apps, crossing guard duties … and lice mothers.

The new school year has started at 'De Klimop' and all of the familiar faces are back, gathering in the schoolyard. Hannah has been promoted to Class Mother, shaking up the rocky balance of the hierarchy amongst schoolyard parents. Moreover, 'De Klimop' struggles with a declining number of students, so every new child is fully embraced. The teachers pull out all the stops to ensure they do not lose the children and their parents to other schools.

In Lice Mother we follow the parents and the teachers of ‘De Klimop’ during their new schoolyear, in which a new, airtight safety protocol is introduced, commotion ensues in anticipation of the Christmas celebrations and Easter party, the school photographer comes by and Juf Helma prepares for retirement.

Lice Mother season 2 will be broadcast in the Netherlands from 10 Februari 2019 onwards at 8.25 pm on NPO 3.

Based on an idea by: Jan Albert de Weerd and Ilse Warringa
Directors: Diederik Ebbing and Jelle de Jonge
Screenwriters: Ilse Warringa and Diederik Ebbinge
Script coach: Eva Aben
Producer: Ingmar Menning
Co-producers Avrotros: Mylene Verdurmen and Astrid van Keulen