Foul Play

Johnny de Graaf (Chiem Vreeken) is living the Italian dream. He plays for an Italian football club and lives with his wife, Renate (Sallie Harmsen), and their son in a beautiful villa. After a rough period and a conflict with the chairman of the club, he is put on the transfer list. Johnny slowly slips into the shady football underworld, where players are nothing more than wares to be traded. He’s losing control of his life and has to make choices that have nothing to do with his love of the sport. Everything Johnny does goes wrong; he is his own worst enemy. How can Johnny ever escape the major criminal gambling network?

Help comes from an unexpected source. Cultural attaché Gwen Hulscher (Maryam Hassouni) from the Dutch embassy in Thailand is responsible for organizing a major football tournament. She is trying to promote Dutch football expertise abroad, as it is a lucrative business. When her brother Floris (Mingus Dagelet) disappears in Bangkok, she starts searching for him. Gwen discovers that the Asian business world is playing both sides of the field and that their tentacles reach far into the heart of football… They will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Foul Play will be broadcast in the Netherlands on NPO 3 from Sunday 5 november 2017 20.25h.

Producers: Ingmar Menning and Jan-Albert de Weerd
Directors: Mark de Cloe and Iván López Núñez
Screenwriters: Charles den Tex, Maarten Lebens and Inge Hardeman