Caps Club 2

Caps Club is a children’s series produced and initiated by the Lucille Werner Foundation, in collaboration with the Tros and Bing Film & TV.

The story in short: Cappie (a boy who is visually handicapped), Sam (she is the most fun and toughest neighbor in the world), Ruben (classmate of Cappie and magician who wants to become an illusionist), and Charlotte (little sister of Ruben) form the Caps Club. This season, a new character is added: Sterre, daughter of the director of the museum and who has a auditory disability. Together, they solve mysteries. Like in the first season, it promises to be an adventure with a lot of excitement, mystery, and of course, special developments. It’s important to know that Daan de Groot, who only has 18% vision, plays the role of Cappie. We cast a girl for the role of Sterre who is actually deaf. With this, we want to show that it is perfectly normal to cast handicapped people as actors. In addition, we promote integration and equality for kids with and without a handicap. A good television show example that will hopefully make others follow!


Caps Club 2 was broadcast in the Netherlands in the fall of 2014 by Z@PP.

Producers: Lucille Werner Foundation, TROS, Bing Film & TV
Directors: Marc Waltman, Servaas Snoeijers
Screenwriter: Jasper Verheugd
Photo: Varsbayd