Caps Club 1

In collaboration with the Lucille Werner Foundation and broadcaster TROS, BING Film & TV produced the eight episodes of the series Caps Club. In this series, we show that children with a physical handicap are very capable of acting and are very talented.

Caps Club is about Cappie. He is visually handicapped, which made his other senses develop strongly. Together with his four friends, Sam, inventor Siggy, magician Ruben, and the headstrong Charlotte, he becomes caught up in the mystery of the King of Spades.

In the town of Hughevliet strange things happen. Paintings disappear and there’s a power cut. Cappie and his friends discover a conspiracy, which they try to unravel from their tree house.


The first season of Caps Club was broadcast in the Netherlands in the fall of 2013 by Z@PP.

Producers: Lucille Werner Foundation, TROS, Bing Film & TV
Directors: Jasper Verheugd, Servaas Snoeijers
Screenwriter: Jasper Verheugd